Child Safety on the Internet

In an effort to render the Internet useful to children, the East Gwillimbury Public Library has selected a number of entertaining and educational sites.

However, due to the nature of the Internet, children should be aware of some basic Internet Safety Rules:

  1. Never give your name / address / phone number or any other personal information to someone over the Internet. Never give out the name of your school or other location that you regularly visit, without your parent's or teacher knowledge. While none of our suggested sites will ask for this information, we cannot restrict access to other sites.
  2. Never agree to meet face-to-face with anyone you might "meet" on-line without first telling a parent or responsible adult. You are not under any obligation to speak to anyone or answer any mail.
  3. Understand that people on-line may not be who they say they are. Understand that information on-line isn't necessarily true or accurate just because it comes through a computer.
  4. If you encounter anything or anyone on-line that makes you uncomfortable, tell your parent.
Kids' Safety Online from the Canadian Red Cross