The Friends of the East Gwillimbury Library is an independent, benevolent, not-for-profit, membership-based organization that operates under the direction of an elected Board. The Friends of the East Gwillimbury Library was formed in 2002 to be a voice in the community promoting the importance of literacy through our Library. Initial funding for The Friends of the East Gwillimbury Library was provided by Southlake Cinemania Film Circuit who continue to provide annual funding that is used to support out-of-budget library programs and initiatives. In 2004, the Friends of the Library launched an Author Reading Series that brings world-class authors to East Gwillimbury three times a year. Friends of the Library raises additional funds for the library through partnerships, raffles and special events.



To promote literacy and the role of the Library within our community.

Our Purpose is:

  • To support the East Gwillimbury Public Library by organizing, facilitating and assisting with fundraising activities and encouraging community interest in Library development projects.
  • To advocate support for the East Gwillimbury Public Library from the community, government and other funding agencies.
  • To increase awareness of the East Gwillimbury Public Library's programs and services by conducting effective public relations activities.
  • To promote the importance of literacy in our community by offering special events and programs.

We Value:

  • A free and accessible library system
  • Literacy in all its forms - oral, written, visual, computer
  • Community partnership
  • Knowledge and learning
  • Communication
  • Cultural Diversity

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